“We will quite the war of choice in Iraq”, said Mr. Obama in his presidential election campaign, “but we will concentrate to win the war of need on Afghanistan”. During a few past months, US officials and Mr. President are assuring the milieu to evacuate the afghan war field before 2010 by starting the departure in the early 2011.
NATO forces are fighting a war on terror against the few armed and majority of innocent general public in Afghanistan by slicing a heavy cut from budget of their respective countries.
The budget deficit of America was about to equal the total annual expense of US troops in Afghanistan. After the inception of financial crisis in 2008, US and her allies are planning to quite the Afghan war. Most of the rebuilding projects have been handed over to profit—driver private corporations. The restructuring of Afghan national Army is also under process. But the process much slower the consequences of this Afghanistan war are mounting as the US shreds it alliance with Pakistan and goads of Pashtoons into defending themselves for the past seven years the US has known loosely where Osama bin Laden and AL-Qaida maybe. So far, it has spent 7 years, nearly $ 200 billion over 500 American lives, 150 allied lives and a good piece of its reputation on an as yet unsuccessful effort to bring them down.
”When the scrawny-Afghan security forces have been beefed up to the level at which they can keep the peace without help, US troops will leave the Afghanistan”, said Pentagon.
Stephen Biddle recently returned from a trip to Afghanistan at the invitation of Army General David Mc Kiernan, the top us commander. Biddle estimates that Afghanistan needs about 500,000 soldiers and police, US troops presenting Afghanistan, thus, are not enough to win the fight and US can not afford more troops to send to Afghanistan. US, there force should leave Afghanistan.
A redacted section of US General McChrystal’s report claimed that to gain any sway over the insurgency we would need 500,000 troops and another 5 years. More worryingly, the presence of foreign forces are the single most important factor in the resurgence of the Taliban and strengthens the hand of Taliban recruiters, a reality corroborated by an Independent Carnegie Institute report early this year.
There are many substitutes to war in Afghanistan, including dialogue and non Violent conflict resolution, a “Book not Bombs” approach and the involvement of more Muslim countries something that neocons will no doubt balk at as it will increase the influence of Muslims in the region.
Regardless of which approach is ultimately taken, it is worth nothing that the worst possible solution is to attempt to bomb the Taliban back to the stone ages. They already live in stone ages.
If the US and its allies need to find a way to bring home their troops while leaving behind a modicum of security, they may find themselves forced to settle for something less than a happy end.

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