A nation with separate- identified religion, having more than any other nation’s prophets, was country less before the August of 1949. Nazis, during and before the world war II, torched, massacred, and even burnt alive in the specially tailor-made Iron Cabins. The remaining – a few – Jews dispersed around the globe started together under a great conspiracy against the people of Palestine. USA, the winner of the Second World War, helped the Jews to lay the foundations of the greater Israel. Palestine and suburbs, according to the Jews beliefs, are the inherited areas of the Jewish old sacred-empire. They, therefore, should clutch their property of religious importance back from the occupied. USA and the Great Britain tried their best to get the Jewish dream realized. Thus USA played a vital role in assisting the Jews to get their home back. America helped the newly established; Israel in the complex task of absorbing and assimilating masses of immigrants from the USSR, Ethiopia, the Arabian countries and Europe, in a short period of time President Harry S. Truman donated $ 135 million to newly born Israel in order to bear the preliminary expenses of the state and the establishing cost of the immigrants. The US support for Israel has been continuously increasing horizontally as well as vertically since early 1950s. Memorandum of understanding between the two states was signed in 1981 followed by a Free Trade Agreement proposed by Israel. USA was the foremost country which signed the Free Trade Agreement in 1985. FTA was the cornerstone of the evergreen relationship between two states. US, even in 1989, helped Israel to absorb about one million Jews immigrants.  US-Israel-Joint Economic Development Group is on other financial tie under which Israel received $ 9 billion from US in 2003. There are many corporate exchange pacts between the two. Israel is the only country which has more listed companies at NASDAQ than any other country after the North Atlantic Countries.
But the pinching question is that what is the reason behind such coherence among the policies and the powerful relations between US and Israel?  Why US supports Israel?  Why US sides with Israel? Yes it is the Jews community working, living and controlling the big chunk of the USA economy; the Senate, the legislative assembly and all the critical post are filled either by the Jews or the satellite persons of the Jewish lobby. All the key political, social, religious and economic meetings and organizations are under the great influence of the Jews. It, then, is much logical that why USA support Israel, even say yes to her illegal and evolutionary deeds. The propaganda for the greater Israel is commonly propagated by the Jews and the Roman Catholic Christens. Their shared- goal is to evacuate the land of Solomon by exiling the Muslim residents from the delta of Nile and all adjacent areas which today are under the control of Muslim states. The only party which is against the Jews is, of Protestants. Otherwise the Goliath of US is under the thumb of economic tycoons of the Jewish servicemen. Muslims and Islam is the common enemy of both USA and Israel. Israel is sharing borders with Islamic states, USA, therefore supports her ally to nip the enemies as she can. For this purpose US provides all sorts of help-political, economical defense material (weapons) – to Israel to cope with the Muslims. The Israel – Lebanon war of 2006 and other incursion over neighboring states are vivid examples of the friendship between US and Israel.
US allotted Arrow Ballistic Missile technology to Israel. ABM is the most recent missile technology yet.

Despite of many ups and down the US- Israel relationship is exemplary and it seems to be the same in the future. USA also supports every act of Israel in United Nations Organization. She has used maximum number of Vetoes in favor of Israel. These supportive acts of USA give a free hand to this “illegitimate child of America” to do whatever it wants to suppress the Palestinians and other neighboring Muslim countries.

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