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Which bird is wingless?

Kiwi bird is wingless bird and found in New Zealand. readmore  Read More →

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What is frog?

Frog is an amphibian. readmore  Read More →

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Where neurons are placed?

Neurons pertain to nerve cell. readmore  Read More →

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Where is pertain to Chromosomes?

Chromosomes pertain to heredity. readmore  Read More →

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Which is the smallest organism?

There are different sizes of organisms in this universe but did you ever think about how much they differ in sizes. Organisms can be gigantic and in the same way organisms can be small like a sand grain. There are a huge number of organisms in the world that have not been discovered yet. On the earth... readmore

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Where blood cells are made?

Did you know from where does all your blood come? Blood that circulates in our body is made of blood cells which are integral part for living. Let’s know about blood cells and where they are produced in body. The blood is made of three types of cells; red cells, white cells and platelets. Blood Cells... readmore

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What is fission process?

Fission a process by which a substance in the solid state is converted into liquid. readmore  Read More →

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What is Convex Lens?

Convex lens is the thicker in the middle. readmore  Read More →

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What is Concave lens?

Concave lens is thinner in the middle. readmore  Read More →

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What is Caustic Soda?

Caustic Soda is Sodium hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide, well known chemical in the market is commonly present in white color with the name of Caustic Soda, lye, or sodium hydrate. Chemically it is written as NaOH, which stands for Sodium Hydroxide. It is highly corrosive and reactive. It can affect the human... readmore

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