Did you know from where does all your blood come? Blood that circulates in our body is made of blood cells which are integral part for living. Let’s know about blood cells and where they are produced in body. The blood is made of three types of cells; red cells, white cells and platelets.

Blood Cells in human body are produced in bone marrow which resides in bones. Bone marrow is like a liquid object made of fats, blood and other blood cells which are converted into different blood cells. Blood cells in children and adults are produced in different ways. In children, about all bones marrow produces blood cells while in adults, marrow of only few bones makes blood cells. Such bones include spinal column, ribs, pelvic girdle and some other bones. The most actively functioning marrow that produces blood cells is Red Marrow. Whereas most idle marrow in human body is named as Yellow Marrow.

Blood cells in marrow are produced by stem cell which can be transformed into any blood cell. Since these cells are produced by stem cells they are dripped into the blood that circulates in whole bones system of human. The life of a blood cell depends upon its nature. White cells of various kinds can last up to years. Red cells can exist for 4 months while platelets expire within 10 days.

The human system has a response back function that tells when to renew red blood cells. When oxygen level drops, kidneys produce erythropoietin that invokes stem cells to produce more red cells to balance blood cells in body.

Blood Cells Picture

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