Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Musa Al- Khwarzami one of the most important multi talented personality in the history of Moorish Cavaliers was a great mathematician, Astrologer, Historian, Scholar , born in the 780 AD in a small town Khwarzm a small town in the great Persian Empire. Being a great Muslim research scholar, and scientist of his time he has served as a teacher in the great institutes of his times like the house of wisdom where he transformed the old Greek and Latin concepts of old knowledge in to Arabic. During his stay in Baghdad, he performed all his research work there during 813 to 833. He had made major contributions in the following fields.

1. Algebra

Al-Khwarizmi is regarded as the most famous and able mathematician I the history of that subject. He wrote a book named a Al-Kitāb al-mukhtaṣar fī ḥisāb al-jabr wa-l-muqabl ) The book has played a key role in modern Algebraic concepts and was the presuccessor of Arabic algebra. The book is translated in many international languages like Latin, Greek and English. The book is based on solving problems regarding the polynomials, quadratic equations. The introduction of Indian numeral system towards the Middle East and Western world was his great contribution to mathematics and he gave more than 800 numerals later termed as logarithms.

2. Astronomy

Being a famous astrologer of his time Al-Khwarizmi has made remarkable contributions in this field. He wrote astronomical literature with the name of Sind Hind wrote more than 30 tutorials regarding the astrological phases of time and explained the movement of sun , moon, and five different planets present at that time. The original literature is lost but the translated manuscripts in Latin are still present in the Paris and London (oxford) museum.

Musa Al Khwarizmi Picture

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