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General Knowledge

Which country is called the “Lands of thousand Lakes”?

Finland is known as the land of thousand lakes in the world. The number of lakes in Finland are 187,888 which includes large as well  small lakes. There is an area where the number of lakes are very high, for this reason that area is called Finnish Lakeland. Out of these lakes Saimaa is the largest... readmore

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To which country ANGOP news agency belongs?

ANGOP is the news agency of Angola located in southern Africa. The organization was founded in 1975 and named as Agência Nacional Angola Press. However, after some time the name was changed with the official independence of Angola on November 11th 1975 and was renamed as Angola news agency. readmore  Read More →

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FAO Acronym And History

FAO acronym is “The Food and Agriculture Organization”. It is a specialized organ of the United Nations. FAO was established on 16th October, 1945 in Canada. Later on, the headquarters was shifted from Washington D.C to Rome, the capital of Italy. FAO is dealing internationally to reduce hunger from... readmore

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Who invented the Diesel Oil Engine?

Riding a diesel powered car always begs the question that who invented diesel engine in the first place. Rudolf Christian Karl was the one who invented the diesel oil engine. He was a genius mechanical engineer who studied and practiced mechanics inGermany. This invention brought a sea change in the... readmore

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Which doctor carried out the first human heart transplantation?

The first human heart transplantation was carried out by the Dr. Christian Bernard. He belonged to South Africa and was popular for his abilities in cardiology. He performed the first human transplant after a series of experimental heart transplants of animals. In October 1967, he carried out this... readmore

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Munda Dam | On which river Munda Dam has been Built?

Munda Dam has been built on the river swat. The water storage reservoir of 1.3 million acres feet, will assist this dam to run smoothly and to generate electricity upto 740 megawatts. This dam is planned to be completed in 2011. readmore  Read More →

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Who introduced nursing system? | Pioneer of Professional Nursing

Florence Nightingale introduced nursing system. She was a popular lady who served the wounded people during the Crimean war. She became popular as “The Lady with the Lamp” because of her night time rounds in the affected area. She was the pioneer of professional nursing and in 1860 she laid... readmore

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Which thing contains vitamin A?

Vegetables contains vitamin A.  Read More →

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Which thing contains vitamin C?

Apple contains vitamin C.  Read More →

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Which thing contains vitamin A,C,D?

Milk contains vitamin A,C,D.  Read More →

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