The Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe when measured from the sea level. It is a part of Caucus Mountains of Russia. Mount Elbrus has two peaks, which are measured at 5642 meters (18510 feet). Mount Blanc, which is the part of French Alps, is the said to be the tallest point of western Europe with a height of 4800 meters (15748 feet) above sea level. Because of the location of Caucus Mountains between Europe and Asia, this mountain range is a part of both the continents; however, there is no ambiguity about the fact that Mount Elbrus in the part of European continent.

Regarding the history of Mount Elbrus, it was known as Strobilus. In 1956, 400 people climbed over it to celebrate the occasion of 400th anniversary of Kabardino-Balkaria where this tall mountain was located. This one contributed to the most important event associated with Elbrus. The current routes to climb this mountain are the cable car and chairlift system. This route is the safest and easiest. Climbing the Mount Elbrus from any other direction involves many risks. Every climber must hold three permits to climb it, which are Border Zone Permit, Prielbrusie National Park Permit and registration certificates of OVIR (Visa and Registration Department).

Mount Elbrus is situated only a few kilometers away from the border of Georgia. Though, it is situated in the most rugged mountain ranges in the world even than  it is the easiest peak to climb. It is really a great experience for the tourists to climb this highest peak in Europe.

Mount Elbrus

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