Pamir mountains which are found in Central Asia together with Pakistan and China, are called roof of the world. As the Pamir mountains are comprised of those mountain ranges which are the highest in the world according to sea level. Also Pamir Knot contains some tallest peaks together with a longest glacier outside the polar region. Ibn e Sina Peak, Ismoil Somoni Peak and Korzhenevzkaya Peak are the three highest peaks of Pamir mountains whereas Fenchenko glacier is the longest outside polar regions. For this very reason, these mountains are called roof of the world since Victorian times. Pamir mountains are commonly known as Pamir Knot as different mountain ranges form a junction on this spot. These mountain ranges are Himalayas, Karakorum, Hindu Kush, Tian Shah and Kunlun (5 in total).

Taghdumbash Pamir, Great Pamir, Little Pamir, Sarez Pamir, Alichur Pamir and Khargush Pamir are the names of different sub-regions of Pamir mountains. In Central Asia, Pamir mountains are situated in the states of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and some parts of Russia. Whereas Pakistan and China also have some of the parts of this mountain range.

The Roof Pamir View

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