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Deforestation Facts with Advantages and Disadvantages Deforestation Facts

Earth, human beings, small as well as large creatures rely heavily on trees. We have noticed that large number of developing countries carry out deforestation for different purposes. But there is a common perception that deforestation is harmful... readmore

There are three countries where egg laying mammals are found mostly. These are the... readmore

Red kangaroo is the largest marsupials in the world. Male marsupials may measure... readmore

What are endangered species?

Did you ever imagine, “How many species or organisms existed in the past; how many... readmore

Largest Earthworm in The World Largest Earthworm in The World

Worms which are commonly known as earthworms, are the invertebrates (animals without... readmore

Types of Egg Laying Mammals Egg Laying Mammals

There are two families of mammals which lay soft-shelled eggs: the echidnas and the... readmore

Extinct Animals List Extinct Animals List

Tasmanian Wolf is an extinct animal of marsupial. It is the first in the extinct... readmore

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